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  water drill
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YSZ400 water drilling rig

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Drilling diameter

115——275 (mm)

Drilling depth

220 (m)

Working   pressure

1.05——2.46 (Mpa.)

Air  consumption

16——30 (m³/min)

Drill pipe length

3  (m)

Drill pipe diameter

76/89  (mm)

Footage efficiency

5——30 (m/h)

Climb  ability

25 (°)

Walking  speed

2.5 (km/h)


5200×2000×2800 (mm)

Operating weight

8700 (kg)

The hoisting system

Max. lifting force

30000 (N)

Max. lifting speed

30 (m/min)

Max. velocity

30 (m/min)

Feeding system 

Axle pressure

42000 (N)

Lifting Power

68000 (N)

Slow lifting speed

8 (m/min)

Slow drilling speed

16 (m/min)

Fast lifting speed

26 (m/min)

Fast drilling speed

48 (m/min)

Rotary speed

0——120 (r/min)

Rotary torque

4000 (Nm)



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