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  XZ680 HDD
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XZ160/ XZ160A/ XZ280/ XZ320/ XZ680Performance and characteristic:

1. Pluralities of advanced control technologies are adopted, including the PLC control, electro-hydraulic proportion control, load sensitive control,etc.

2. The drilling rod automatic disassembly and assembly device can improve the working efficiency, relieves the labor intensity and manual error operation of the operators, and reduces the construction personnel and the construction cost.

3. The dual-speed power head is operated with low speed when drilling and dragging back to ensure smooth construction, and can speed up to slide with 2 times of speed to reduce the auxiliary time and improve the working efficiency when returning and disassembling the drilling rod with empty loads.

4. The engine has the turbine torque increment characteristic, which can instantly increase the power to ensure the drilling power when coming across the complex geology.

5. The power head has high rotation speed, good boring effect and  high construction efficiency.

6. The  rope  controller can carry  out the disassembly and assembly vehicle operation with single person, with safe and high-efficiency.

7. The floating vice with patent technology can effectively prolong the service life of the drilling rod .

8.The engine, hydraulic parameter monitoring alarm and a plurality of safety protection are   provided to effectively protect the safety of the operators and the machines.



XZ1000 Performance and characteristic:



1.       This drill is self-propelled and walks by wire control, so it is convenient for the transfer of working site.

2.       It is adopted turbine engine which can increase torque. The re­serve power is enough and insures there is enough power for drill and exigency.

3.       This drill is adopted the advanced control technique include load sense control and electo-hydraulic proportional control, the im­port hydraulic parts and the independent heat dissipation sys­tem. The working efficiency is high and the energy saving is re­liable.

4.       The equipments of power unit revolve and the pinion and rack are all installed on the drill. The working efficiency of continu­ously transmission with two shift gears is high.

5.       The 3.2t assistant crane equipped. The load and unload of the drilling rod is efficient and save labour.

6.       The all-weather double cab is adopted. The colour monitor is equipped on the drill, and the operation is comfortable.

7.       The parameter monitor alarms of the interlock for up and down, the automatic high pressure protection, engine, and hydraulic etc, which can protect the machine, are also equipped in it.

8.       It has the manual operation system for the especial condition to protect the construction.

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